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First gig selling of a new seller


Hi I’m Sulochane. I’ve been working on my account very hard. There are views and impressions but no one orders. Don’t my gigs look good? Please I need some advices


use buyer request every day


ok thanks very much :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve got a couple of ideas.

Put a smiling, professional picture of yourself as your profile shot.

Use up all your gig slots to try new things, and try to get beyond vectorizing, an overcrowded field.

Most vectorizing gig images have the left side being blurry and the right side being clear, like your lion image. It would make sense to do that for your main gig image. Make sure it’s an eye-catching image.

Your slogan is deep, but irrelevant to the buyer. I like “Lightning fast graphics, every time!”

Until you get some ratings, go to 24 hour delivery.

In dreaming up “What can I offer?” remember what sells best on Fiverr: Anything that will help a business owner grow his business. Your gig solves a problem, but not that one.

Best of success to you in your journey to find your green pasture in Fiverrland. You’re not there quite yet.

Bob :slight_smile:


Thank you very much bob


I have experience of new profile to get orders.

Just use buyer request and share your GIG on social media.

I hope you will get orders.