First GIG Sold!



It’s a Great Day! I’ve Sold My 1st Gig On Fiverr!

Happy To Share This With You Guys

Are there any tips on how to improve Selling?

Thanks, Everyone !


Check out this, I wrote it last night and there could be some helpful tips within it.


First, a HUGE congratulation on selling your first gig!

I’m still new here myself and about where you are with gig sales. However, the advice you find right here in the forum is priceless.

All the best!


Wow! I’m really excited for you - I made a translation gig to begin with, but for whatever reason I cannot edit my profile to add languages. I did have it in my descriptions on my profile and gigs for awhile, though. Arabic, too, huh? I’m trying to learn Arabic. I like the language, but let’s just say you’re lucky if you learned it as a child, (native/bilingual); I didn’t notice if you said so on your profile. I was surprised how quickly I picked-up Italian. It came to me even easier than Spanish; it was almost like I knew it at one time. I wonder why you don’t have an Italian translation gig on your profile, though. Languages might be your niche, and become your bestsellers - I hope so!


Hey Marshamywords

I’m Just a Child Learning in High School , I’ve Just Picked Up Deutch Language and i’m learning it . As Soon As i accomplish my studies , I’m Gonna Learn Italian .
Can you reach Me on private On Fiverr ?