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First gig, what can I improve?



I joined in 2016 but I’ve actually just created my first gig. I am still trying to figure out prices in the services I offer, the basic packages etc. It’s a lot to learn. I’d be happy if someone more experienced here can take a look at my first gig and share what I did wrong or what I could improve.



The gig looks fine, though you may need permission/rights (copyright/IP) to use the images of eg. Donald Trump. You could start out at the current prices and then maybe increase them.
Maybe add an FAQ section if you can think of questions that people may have (or leave that for later).

The last line of the profile description could be improved grammatically.


hey, thanks a lot! I appreciate the feedback.

As for the copyright: Since those images are used only as reference photos for the actual drawing, there is no copyright infringement.

Btw, you have nice gigs! Thanks again for the feedback.