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First Gigs: Just joined the Fiverr Family! :)

Hey everyone! :laughing:
I am quite excited as I began my first gigs yesterday, and thought it would be nice to share with all of you!
My first gig is a photo retouching gig for 3 photos:

and my second gig is a background removal gig for 10 photos:

I am really excited to be joining the Fiverr family, and to be sharing my work with you all!
Have a great day,


Stop spamming other people’s threads. You’re doing it everywhere.

Hopefully this was directed towards @infiniteseo18. I hope I didn’t violate any rules already! LOL

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Indeed it was, I’m sorry, I didn’t hit the reply button, I just added the post.
You’ve done nothing wrong!!

Glad to hear! LOL :smiley: