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First IMPORTANT Steps In Starting a Business!

It can be daunting yet exciting starting a new business whether it is coming up with an idea or how you visualise it being. Here are the best first few steps to follow to get you started! Although you may be exited it is recommended you do the following before sharing your idea to the world or those closest to you just to be on the safe side!


Create a name of course! Something unique and different which doesn’t exist. It is vitally important to research the name to make sure it already doesn’t belong to someone! You can do this by searching the domain in Google website search at the very top!
Once you have done this you will want to set up a business email which you can use to set up your social media, domain, website etc! Gmail is recommended for starting off your business!
It is especially advised that you use your business name for your email, domain, website and logo! Just like the major companies use such as Apple and Amazon! The reason for this is so your target market can easily find you! It also helps expose your business! Apple have for sure made that happen! Now everyone knows an iphone is an Apple product!

Step 2
Purchase the domain name so it is yours and no one else can have it! Domain names can be purchased very cheap however make sure the site you pick is legit! However It also depends what your business is as many blog platform sites such as WIX , Wordpress and Shopify will give you a good package deal which included a domain name with good security. Normally these are £10 to £20 but defiantly worth it as they ensure people can’t steal your name at all unless you decide to sell it! This again is why a business email is important as these platforms will want your email when signing up!
Also create a private password to use for all your business log in details and if you find it hard to remember keep it safe written down somewhere!
Step 3
Time to design a logo! This is the exciting but hard part as you will want a logo which stands out from your competitors, is appealing to your target audience. The colours and text within your logo will represent your business in so many ways! Again when people see the Apple logo they instantly know or think iPhone and mac creator and seller.
You can hire a good expert to help you with your logo through sites such as Fiverr or Linkedin however if you don’t have the money to do so this can also be created using Canva which actually has many logo design templates to help you with your creative idea! You can also make logos transparent so they can show well on your website or blog!

Step 4
Time to set up your website! If you are new or not as experienced in setting up a website the platforms such as Wix or Shopify are great as they are clear in helping and showing you what goes where!
Ensure text is clear and images are HD otherwise people will not trust or want to be on your site! Shuttershock or even UNSPLASH are great sites where you can download HD images for free.
Step 5
Set up your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network platforms you wish to be on! Once you have your logo then make your logo your profile picture on all of these! For cover images again you can search ‘Facebook cover’ and see templates for examples!
Step 6
Create regular content on social media to gain exposure. Make sure to use hashtags as well! Advertising is also worth it if you have some money to use to get more engagement for starting off your business!

These are all steps I took in making my online store! I used Shopify to create my store and WIX for my blog! If you still would like more help as you don’t currently have the time or would like more mentoring then checkout my gigs!

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