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First impressions, clicks and views on fiverr

I am rookie on this site. A few days ago I made a fiver. I made 6 gigs, 6 jobs that i would like to do and that i understand. However, no request for work has not arrived. Then I sat down and thought, reading the forum and listened to the advice of experienced people. Today I woke up and BOOM after just a few days they had lined up my gigs. There was no gig, which had less than under 20 impressions(some have up to 50) , 10 clicks, 10 views and that makes me happy. Now i just need to be patient and wait for first job. I recommend all newcomers to engage in discussions on the topics of the forum, go to buyer requests and give your customers the best offers.

Best regards, be patient.

You are on the right track. Now you are indexed in search so potential buyers are looking. Your next big hurdle is here. You’ve got to snare some of the lookers with amazing deals during these stages.

Edit: I just looked at your gigs and you need to fix one thing FAST. You can’t charge less than $5 here for anything. Change your price structure quickly before you get an angry buyer wanting to spend $3! :slight_smile:

Exactly, one business is already here!
“You’ve got to snare some of the lookers with amazing deals during these stages.” hmm I’m not sure what you mean, I think i can not see who’s watching my gigs. So, what do you mean?

I have changed, thank you very much, I appreciate it so much! :slight_smile: