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First & last experience with Fiverr

Wow, the YouTube channel that I learned about Fiverr from is one I respect, but my only Fiverr experience has been a nightmare. I have an icon which I own the rights to use and modify. I wanted some simple changes: outline it in black, and do not change the colors I chose. The last was to change the font of the 2 words, and I let them know that it was to be printed onto a BLACK shirt. What came back was horrid! It looks like a little kid sat down at the computer and messed up the work, but no. That sick joke showed me that the seller hadn’t bothered to read the info I sent. But even if she had, the changes all fly in the face of reason, logic, and s sense of design that even 6 year olds have! She changed the color she was told not to change, from light pink yo deep purple. But the drawing of the tag (that is there to write info on) had it’s color changed from white to dark purple, and red text was added, making it unreadable! Even worse, instead of bothering to look at what she was doing, she put the text the wrong way on the tag, so it was across the narrowest part of the tag, and so there is tiny text at the top of that tag, with the remaining 90% of space on the tag blank, when they could have done it dozens of other ways that were easier to read, didn’t leave most of the space blank, and so on. These bizarre changes that simply make no sense, coupled with MAJOR changes that aren’t simply mistakes. They are proof she deliberately ignored, or never bothered to read my instructions. And other changes simply do not make sense, especially after being told that it was to be printed on a black t-shirt. Someone would have to be completely high to think that what she sent me is anything more than a fever pitched nightmare, when my request was so very simple. It was going to take more time than I have to try to get this woman to actually read my instructions, and then apply the principles of basic design to my icon. I cannot believe that anyone would submit such awful work, and now she’s playing games with me over the cancel. If ive been put in the position of trying to get a seller to simply not make changes that 1) are completely lacking any sense for the changes, and 2) the seller was told not to change my colors at all. She changed things in a way that looks like she was trying to ruin my icon. I don’t seem able to csncel the order myself, and the seller wants to play games. Im ready to give up & figjt the charge wiyh PayPal, especially since there is no way to reach customer service.

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You could try again a few times with your seller, clearly describing exactly what you want done with the image and what not to change. Maybe you did already, but if you’re even clearer it might help, eg. if there’s a language issue. You could also use the tool (collaboration tool?) on the order page where you can add comments to different parts of images to describe what you want changed.

If that doesn’t work you could also try a different seller.

If you wait for a response from CS they should refund you if the seller hasn’t given what was asked for in the requirements and won’t/cannot. If you haven’t been able to reach them, the link is:

Remember that Fiverr’s terms of service says:

Filing a transaction dispute or reversing a payment through your payment provider or your bank is a violation of these Terms of Service. Doing so may get your account temporarily or permanently disabled.

So you would risk your account if you did a dispute through your payment provider.

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I’m sorry this happened. Unfortunately there are always unprofessional sellers everywhere in any market place. The problem with fiverr it’s very international and low priced so it drives a lot of “designers” and non professionals that wouldn’t have passed for other freelancing platforms.
Which of course makes it more difficult to find the right seller even for this silly small changes.
A lot of them doesn’t speak English and when someone contacts them they only say “I can do this job perfectly” even without understanding requirements just because they are desperate to make “a sell” ( as they call it.)

It’s always better to choose higher priced gigs from someone in your region or from a similar culture/background. I know it might be tempting to choose 5$ gig for such a small changes but the truth is it’s a very small percentage for example of people from Europe who will make those changes for 5$ because it’s not a market price and with currency conversation they will only loose money. But at least you will have higher chance of success and that seller understanding your needs and having right skills.

As for the support: @uk1000 already gave a link but you can also go to fiverr help page, scroll down and there you’ll see big green “contact us” button.
Fiverr CS will most likely cancel that order for you because sellers didn’t follow your instructions and didn’t deliver according to your requirements.

  1. A pity that your first experience was such a bad one. You seem to have had quite a bit of bad luck with your choice of seller.

  2. Support is easy to reach if you click the Help & Support link in the footer, right below where it says “Support”, but someone above already gave you the shortcut:

  1. When you contact support, try to not write a wall of text like your opening post, insert a few blank lines and stuff, that will help them understand your issue and follow along better, and thus, hopefully, to assist you.

  2. If you do a PayPal charge back, you’ll probably be banned because it’s against the terms you accepted by registering an account on this site.
    You might not care at the moment, but in case you ever want to try with Fiverr again - there are hundreds of thousands of people who use Fiverr very successfully, after all, so who knows - that would be inconvenient, so perhaps try to solve the issue via support.
    If the seller really didn’t follow any of your instructions at all, you shouldn’t have problems to prove it to support and get a refund.

Good luck and welcome to the community, even if it’s just for a bit :slight_smile:


I would like to see what she sent you out of curiosity. It’s really a shame when this happens. Customer support may give you a refund if you send them what you got. There are some great designers here and ones who shouldn’t call themselves designers.

Well said! Thanks for putting that in words.