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First Late Response decreases the rank or not?

Hi! So I want to share my experience with you guys. I create this Divi Clone Gig a month ago. I didn’t had any Impressions upfront but thankfully I received the order.
The buyer asked me to build a site replicating his existing site but He then went off, I had to submit the order Late because he wasn’t replying on time which wasted a lot of time.
Will my Gig rank after 1st Last submission or I have to create another Gig?

I am just a newbie and I don’t know how is it


Off course it will affect your response time. It’s very important to respond in time.

If this really happened for client then contact fiverr support. They will help you.

What is the best way to communicate with buyer as he may not be available online to review changes and majority of the tasks are performed with 1-3 days. Should we ask them their Whatsapp Number? Does Fiverr allows us?

definitely not , it’s strictly forbidden

If you ask then you will violate TOS. Your account will be disabled