First level in Fiverr, how do I get it?


Where do I get the requirements that must be met to be in each of the categories?

In my mobile application of Fiverr, tells me that I do not have a level, and that to level up I only need to earn $ 400, seriously I must earn $ 400 to go up to level 1?



Here’s all the info you need:


Response Rate
Respond to 90% of the inquiries you received in the last 60 days

Selling Seniority
Complete at least 60 day as a seller

Order Completion Rate
Complete 90% of your orders, over the course of 60 days

Receive and complete at least 10 orders (all time)

On-time Delivery
Deliver 90% of your orders on time, over the course of 60 days

Earn at least $400 from completed orders (all time)

Maintain a 4.8 star rating, over the course of 60 days

Days Without Warnings
Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 day


Yes. One of the requirements to be promoted to Level 1 is to earn $400 in sales. Fiverr wants sellers who are motivated to set goals and make a profit, and they will reward the New Sellers who reach those goals.


You can see this page and you understand:grinning: