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First month - 7 complated orders

Hello, We’re the first month on Fiverr, so it was a good month we think for us. 7 completed order in March. What about you? What was your maximum?

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I am not getting a single one

Don’t give up :sunglasses:

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But I am becoming frustrated day by day

Getting orders is great at start as it gets your reviews to show on your profile. However, I would suggest you to concentrate on your Average Selling price. Do try to increase it with time as it will help you a lot.

Thanks for the advice. Of course, we will increase the price. First time need positive feedback and for beginners, low prices are a better chance to get it :roll_eyes:

But what can I do?:sob::sob::sob:

I would say not low keep you prices little less. Because if you currently sell a service for 5$ which is worth 50$ later it will be hard for you to sell and even my experience is I was not ranking much as my Average Selling price was low. When I focused on it It helped me to get good gig views.

Tags and other things in gig too matter a lot but as to me Average selling price is one main thing one should focus

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No, we’re not working for 5$. Our march net revenue is 142$. So, we think is good for first month and not much to low

It was just an example :blush:

Yes, that is good and surely it will improve with time and once you reach 500$ you will get confidence of like earning more. At star like we thing we can’t earn more than this and that amount but I am working hard my self to make it more and more.


Thank you. Good luck with each other. Sure, need to increase quality and work hard :relaxed: Good luck to you!

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Good Luck to you too :slight_smile:

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