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First month on fiverr and did wondeful start with more than 71 sales and now expectaions are growing

Hello fiverr fans, Its my first month on fiverr and i made really good start with more than 71 sales within first 28 days so now i am so excited that when i am gonna get my label badge to offer more of my valuable services to my valuable fiverr buyers? it would be really exciting to know and expand my offerings here to help the buyers and of course pull the niche more value for my gigs.

Have anybody here experienced the same or as a newbie I’m asking from the gurus/ top performers here to share their feelings and wonderful journey of fiverr performance??

I had kind of a slow start but back then I wasn’t really trying too hard. I made a lot ore revisions after a long hiatus, and I have had some pretty steady growth since then. The real fun starts when you become a level 2, :slight_smile:

wow, thanks mate for sharing your story, so you mean to say that i will be rocking soon with good sales once i become level 2, owhooooooo, waiting for that excitement moment till then let me prepare my muscles for the busy days :slight_smile: i mean let me sharper my skills for better so that when the time will come i will be able to put my 100%.

Yeah, just treat it as a building blocks and don’t under-value yourself. Your gigs may be worth more than you realize. I figured that out a bit late. Just break up your main initial service into multiple areas. Obviously you know what you provide best, so it’s up to you to determine what to break it up into. Keep it simple, and build up your extras around it! Extras such as quick delivery, offering a higher quality experience, and offering extra things on top of the initial service always seem to go well for most people. I personally like to offer discounts for bulk orders which appeals to a lot of people as well.

and yeah, when it comes to Gig extras even on slow weeks, if you make your extras appealing enough you can still get some decent sized orders.

thanks for your valuable guide really appreciate it, hope my fiverr journey prove to be a sweet dream come true things. thank you for your sharing i will definitely obey the things u pointed, keep motivating newbies like me and may be one day me too will be able to share my story of beautiful journey of fiverr.