First month over $100! :)


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
I am happy to share, that after 3 months here on Fiverr, March is first month that I earned more than $100 already! I am very happy and excited, what Fiverr can offer us. I still need to figure out a lot of things, but I already earned much more than I expected when I joined Fiverr.

So to all new sellers: I joined Fiverr in January, did not receive any order till last day of January, then in February I earned around $80, and now March is not over yet and I’m over $100. :slight_smile: in probably most crowded category on Fiverr - so don’t give up. :wink: If you know what you’re doing, you will get orders sooner or later. :wink:

Great day to all,


Congratulations! Let’s hope you can double it in April! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Let’s hope you can triple it in May! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Let’s hope you can quadruple it in June! :slight_smile:


Haha, that sounds very optimistic, but well, why not. :stuck_out_tongue: I will try to make your words come true. :smiley:


Great result.
I had $24 in December and it was a mess.


Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Congrats @matevzs1, nice result! :slight_smile:
Keep working and I m sure that you could make triple in April! :slight_smile:


joined fiverr in august 2016, create my first gig in feb 2017, got my first order on 15 feb and now in march earned $148 till now


Congratulations! You got a good start. and I loved those sentences :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Let’s hope you can keep it up :slight_smile:


I Earned In Three Months Around 1200$ More Than My Expectations I Love Fiverr As You Do:yum:


That is so awesome. I know it is very exciting.

Just keep up the good work and the sky is the limit!


Congrats! You’re lucky…


Well, thank you all for good wishes!! :slight_smile:
Well, now that March is almost over I am very excited that I already doubled what I wrote at start of this topic in same month! :scream: In March I managed to earn $200 and I am very happy about it and thankfull to my buyers. :wink:
But on the other hand it may just be luck, because I got less orders than in February, and also all orders were much bigger than my basic gig. Also I received 99% of orders from BR, so I must be doing something wrong with my presentation to ordinary buyers who check my category (I am on 3rd page of social media design, with around 100 impressions per day and 2-3 clicks). So I will have to figure that out too soon. :confused:

Thank again :slight_smile: and have a great day.


You will get there, mate, you will get there!

It’s a joke


Lets tripe for next month!

:bulb: Joe


Wow, well if this is real stats and I get there, I will have to buy you one big pack of beer. :stuck_out_tongue: This looks impossible for me. :smiley:

Joke or not. :smiley:


omg is this real?? Im new on fiverr just have $42 earning.


He is just joking :slight_smile: buy, maybe someday :stuck_out_tongue: