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First Negative Review and I'm Furious


So this user asks me to proofread one of his files and make the necessary changes to make it look good. He sends me the file and It’s bearly readable and I find out that it was basically copy-pasted stuff from people selling on Amazon - again it was horrible!
I proofread it, make the changes to make it readable and I’m damn certain I did a mighty fine job and now after being unresponsive for over a week this guy has the audacity to come back and leave me a negative review…like SERIOUSLY THE HELL DAMMIT THE HELL.
II’m messaging this guy right now and he hasn’t responded even once!!!WHAT THE LITERAL HELL MAN!!!

So anyone got any idea how I deal with this?


Maybe he clicked on the wrong star? If you haven’t sent the message yet, make sure to stay professional in your approach.
Tell him you just noticed his review, it seems he wasn’t 100% satisfied with the work, ask if there was anything else you could do for him.


Firstly cool down a bit!
This happened to me recently and when I finally made contact with the buyer he wasn’t even aware he left a review. He had been looking at the delivery on his phone, tried to open a file, the screen froze and he was just tapping it repeatedly. He changed it for me.

Alternatively he is the usual “my friend read it and thought there was mistakes” type buyer but has absolutely no clue of English or that his friend is as bad as he is…


First off, as a proofreader, it’s “barely” not “bearly”. Secondly, it’s all subjective. You’re always going to have people who expect more than you give. Shake it off and move on because really there’s very little you can do and if you’re wasting your energy getting upset about it, it’s your fault.

Also, try to remember not to curse in the forums please.


First off, you have over 500 reviews, this one negative review will BARELY dent your rating, so I wouldn’t be worried about it at all. I know that it is probably super annoying, but if I were you, I’d just try to ignore it, I mean, hey, at least the order wasn’t canceled!

My point is, look at the bright side of things, be happy that you were able to make it this far so far and don’t get caught up on a single bad review.
Here are some positives you can look at:

  1. You still got paid.
  2. The order wasn’t canceled.
  3. Your rating isn’t impacted negatively all that much.
  4. It’s still over 1 star.

As for him not responding, just send him one well written message explaining that you are willing to make any changes that he needs to make it better for him, if he doesn’t respond, I wouldn’t get too caught up in this whole experience.


I love how we all gave him a different “Firstly” and “First off”. Nice we are so consistent


Sorry for any typos, typing in complete fury right now.
@eoinfinnegan I’ve been trying to get a response from this guy for over a week and he still hasn’t responded.
@braden10collins I know but it isn’t about the review it’s about someone giving me a bad review for a $5 order which was heavily discounted because the guy asked for it.


What do you mean trying to get a response?
He delivered a few mins ago.


The order was made 10 days ago. Since he made the order I’ve been trying to contact him again and again but he hasn’t responded once. Today out of nowhere, the guys shows up leaves a bad review and disappears. I’ve sent him multiple messages about this while he was online but from what I can tell he casually ignored them and went away.

I’ve already offered to make any changes necessary or to fix whatever was wrong but the guy just won’t respond. I’ll wait for 24 hours before leaving my review and hope the buyer replies. On that note, is there like any other way to deal with this? My 5-Star rating is literally what gets me orders.


It seems great minds think alike :wink:


Seriously, does anyone have any idea about an alternative if the buyer doesn’t respond?


Why were you trying to contact him so much? Were you asking him to review or something because that can get annoying. Anyway, Braden’s advice above is probably the best approach from here. There isn’t an alternative unless you want to try the Resolution Center Change Feedback thing.

OT @braden10collins Yes they do, and so do ours…


There’s not much you can do but wait it out. Don’t spam the buyer or they can flag your page & report you and you could potentially be banned for harassment. So, don’t do that.


You still need the buyer for that. I’ll wait it out and see how it goes.


Yeah, true.
Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. I have 2 bad reviews and have had for a year or so. Don’t see that it has had any effect.


Well, it’s my first and the way Fiverr has been recently I’m worried a lot! Thinking about what to say in buyer feedback. How does this sound:
Extremely unresponsive and unreasonable buyer! Sent me a listing which was mostly plagiarized, made no sense at all, was literally broken pieces of information put together and this buyer wanted me to fix ALL THAT! I did after which he messages me and has the Audacity to say that I haven’t made any changes. Amazing such an amazing person this guy is.


This is what you should say in your review as I’m sure you know. It shows he is not reasonable or acting appropriately.

Your version is good too.


Nah, I would be hesitant about replying like that.
The order was for your Listings gig; I would have thought that him sending you lots of bits and pieces to work with would be the way most orders come? You responding like that may put buyers off if they also have bits of info for you to work with.
Instead you could say:
“Despite my repeated invitations to discuss the order, the buyer did not respond and simply left this review 10 days later. Nothing more I could do without his input/response”


@ssj1236 I understand your position perfectly. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

If you check one of my recent delivery, you’d notice a 3-star rating which I was furious too about. Unlike you, I have only made 20+ sales with positive ratings and this one was the lowest since I started.

Long story short; after transcribing 7 videos, 40 minutes in total, the nasty dude went ahead to contact support and got the order canceled.

I lost big time but hey, I learned a very big lesson since then.

After that day, I made a post on the forum about the need for FIVERR TO GRANT SELLERS PROTECTION from buyers like yours and mine.

Shake it off, learn from it and move on.


Thank you. I most certainly will be using this.