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First negative review - ruined my day but I did my best


Hey guys,

So, here a little background story of what happen:

The buyer bought a gig in order to received 90 hashtags for instagram related to his account.
I analysed his account, their competitors and also his website.

I sent him 164 hashtags, divided in two groups. Which means that I provided 74 more hashtags than he requested.
All of the hashtags were handpicked in order to get the best results, specially taking in consideration the very low engagement of the account. Also, for each hashtag I provided the stats of each one of them, in order to explain why he would need to use them.

Some of the hashtags were in other languages (frech, italian, spanish), however, after analysing his website, I noticed that the buyer also shiped to other countries that speak this languages.

The buyer also give me the URL of some of his competitors. They use general hashtags that are very hard to rank, and since their engagement is so low, the can’t improve the number of likes and comments they receive.

After all the work was delivered, the buyer just said:
That the quality was terrible, that I used foreing hashtags and that I did not research the competitors or follow his instructions.

Let’s break it down:

  • His instructions were for two niches, and then he said that I did not research for another one that he don’t even specify in the requirements.
  • The hashtags were handpicked and had all the stats the needed in order to know why he should used them. Each one of the 164…
  • His website shipped to Spain, France, Italy and a lot of other countries. I gave him less than 15% of foreing hashtags, the rest in english.
  • I follow his instructions and even separate the hashtags in different categories to help him use them correctly.
  • The competitors were making a bad use of hashtags: general hashtags with low interaction.

FINAL RESULT - I received a 1 star review, that will hunt me down for a couple of months until I can “hide it” with more of 5 star reviews…

I try to explain to him all of my work, but he wouldn’t listen and just keep saying that my work was cheap, that the quality was terrible and all that stuff.

I have pride in the work I do, and this was the first negative review I received.
It ruin my day, but to be honest, I do not feel guilty, because I know I did the best I could and I gave him the best work he could possible received.


Some buyers are not happy no matter what you do. You take what comfort you can by getting paid and move forward.


The bad thing about this experience is that I feel without any power to respond.
Is true that I also left him with a bad review, and answer his bad review to me, but that does not change the fact that now I have a rating of 4.9 instead of 5 and that will decrease my sells.

Besides, the fact that he didn’t answer to my arguments and keep just saying the same 2 line answer, made me even angry with the system, that do not help the seller at all.

Anyway, just keep working hard as always, and crossing fingers to not have to deal with this kind of buyers anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries, fellow freelancer, happens to everybody. I’m a pro at what I do and I also take pride in my work because I know what I’m capable of. I did like 5 revisions (for free) even though it was good the first time and she still gave me the 1 star. Even if I would’ve revised it for a million times, she would still be unsatisfied.

But heads up, you will recover fast if you will get orders and you’ll complete them with a 5 star rating. I recovered pretty fast from it. Good luck.


Maybe it’s your bad luck brother. Don’t worry brother hope you will get some positive feedback buyer with 5 star rating…


Let’s hope that!
Thanks for your courage :slight_smile: