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First negative review! Share your experiences!

It finally happened. After a year of working through Fiverr, having successfully completed over 300 orders and having received glowing responses from most of my clients, I managed to land my first 1-star review. It stings, sure it does. But it’s there, for all the world to see.

Nevermind that the client left false information in his review and expected $50 worth of work for $5, but Fiverr CS won’t remove the rating. So I now find myself in a spot that I’m sure many other sellers often do as well. How will this affect my rankings? Will I notice a drop-off in sales? However, worrying never solves anything, so I’ll get back to doing what I do best, which is create 5-star quality content for clients!

But this situation leads me to poll our community with the same questions I’ve asked above:
What was it like when you got your first negative review? Did you panic or just take it in stride? By sharing your comments here, you’d be doing a lot in helping calm the fears of other sellers that are faced with what to expect when garnering a poor review.


Oh, ouch! That’s a hard one. I don’t have the heart to give any seller a bad review. I guess I’m a softie but it’s either a five-star review or no review.

I’m guessing you can’t do a mutual cancellation? Which by the way, I normally wouldn’t recommend because I know what happens at the buyer’s end when a seller does this. In your case, well, if it removes the review, it may be worth it; however, if it doesn’t remove the review, then keep the money!!!

I’ve received 4 negative reviews (including one for late delivery)…every negative review has been an event. One of the best sellers I know, @fastcopywriter, gets a lot of negative reviews. But that doesn’t stop him. I love the way he responds to them. Customers are not always right.

You know what, @writer99025? I love reading the way @fastcopywriter responds to negative reviews as well! He’s great at what he does, I’m sure, but whenever I have to deal with a difficult client, I just read a few of his responses and it reminds me that all of us have clients that can sometimes make our lives a little difficult. Thanks for sharing and best in all that you do!

I’ve kind of let it go. I love working with clients that want to work together, the ones that really understand that branding and content creation can be a lengthy process, but sometimes, you just have to deal with folks who just can’t grasp that concept. C’est la vie, and on to the next client! Thanks for sharing!

Hi @thewriteones
Does the first negative review reduced or stopped your sales?
I just got my first negaitve review and i am very upset about it.

I got one 1* around a year ago. Didn’t affect anything.

The order auto-completed and the buyer assumed I’ve closed it on purpose to avoid doing revisions. The CS didn’t remove it and told me I’d be in more trouble if I didn’t reach out to the buyer to find out what were the revisions and to do them (which I did and they took me 30 seconds to do which is especially annoying).

I chose not to respond to the review. The person had no idea how fiverr worked and the review reflected that so I left it be.

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