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First Negative Review!


Little bit of a rant here.

Buyer orders my “Minimal Flyers” gig for a product they’re producing. I usually expect the clients to provide me the exact wording that should go in the flyer but this buyer doesn’t send me any text. Just gives me their website and tells me to do a minimal flyer. They send me some pictures though.

I asked for the exact text a few times but when they didn’t respond, I went to their website and took the information from their product page. I included those and the pictures and created a minimal design and delivered it. Then they requested a modification saying the flyer has to be even more minimal and with even less text. I again asked them to specify which text and design parts to be removed but they just said “make less text and more minimal.” So I removed about 90% of the text and kept only the bare minimum about the product and how it functions and took out some design elements. Resubmitted asking for further feedback so that I can do those changes as well.

Three days go by and the order is auto completed. Now I’m the fourth day they have left a 2 star review saying “Not what I was looking for. Plops images down and called it a day.”

I just sent them a message saying that I can still redesign it if they give me clear instructions but I don’t think they’ll reply.

So that’s my first negative review on Fiverr, after being on 99% rating for so long.

Thanks for reading!

Its really bad behavior from your buyer. I don’t know why he did this I mean he got time to comment on the product but he was not specifying the product. Any way wish you better experience next time

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That’s terrible to hear. The buyer probably didn’t know about 3 day auto complete rule.

I recommend you add the following on future delivery:

  • Please be advised, if you do not accept or request revision, the system will auto complete. I understand your time is valuable and you may not have had time to review the delivery within 3 days. If that happens, please contact me to discuss options.

That way you’re not making any promises but giving buyer a sense you care. Minor revision may be worth it for happy customer. :grinning:


That’s best to do Instead of doing nothing.

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This is a really good idea. I should include it in my gig description and maybe in the buyer requirements also. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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