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First negative review

i am new on fiverr
My first order got cancelled as the buyer ordered without contacting me when i was offline and left a negative review.
now the same buyer gave a good positive review when i made a custom offer.
but NOW my buyers request are closed as i don’t have 90% positive rating
tel me what should i do its been months.


Are you solely depend on buyer request for getting sales?

yes as i received only 2 or 3 orders in months, still couldn’t get 90% rating

Hello: Can’t you bring in business any other way to raise your rating? You say it’s been months. Have you been trying to get orders in other ways? How else will you raise your rating? Maybe I don’t understand.

Order does not come that way, Target your audience outside fiverr and share your gigs to them.


I understand how you must feel about your bad rating, I’m sorry. Now, considering the issue that you don’t get jobs like you should, I’ll suggest you check your gig to see the activity that’s going on.

By “the activity that’s going on,” I mean,

  1. How many are you getting?:
    When somebody search any thing through fiverr “search engine” or via “category”, it shows 48 gigs at once (except the person clicked “load more” button at the bottom) and all the 48 gigs (or more if he/she clicked on “load more” button) that showed received one impression. If the person refreshed the page again then the showed gigs received an impression, if any one that showed before show again, that is another impression to it, and so on. Then if your gig is among the showed ones that is when your impression counts.

  2. How many clicks your gig is getting:
    Clicks count when somebody clicks on your gigs (i.e your gig’s title) from fiverr “search engine” results or a search result via “category”, and get to your gig’s page. In other word, if somebody search for a particular “keyword” or search via “category”, people’s gigs will impress (show) and if he/she click on any gig from the searched result (i.e impressed gigs) that gig he/she clicked on will receive a click. If is your gig, your gig clicks counts.

  3. Lastly, how many views?:
    Views is when your gig received a click from outside fiverr “Search engine” result and a search via “category”. In other word, lets assume that when your gigs impressed (shown) to people and instead of clicking on your gig’s “title” straight, he/she clicked on your ‘user name’ and from your ‘user name’ then clicked on your “title” and get to your gig, because he/she did not go to your gig straight from when it impressed rather he/she get to your gig through your “user name”, it will count as “Views” and not “clicks”, again if you run an “external advertisement” or “back-links” that brought visits to your gig’s page, it counts also as “Views” and not “Clicks”.

Have it in mind that all these reset and start afresh after 30days. (Definitions lifted from @olibest post)

So, now, the test! This will help you know what the problem of your gig is.

  • If you’re getting many impressions, clicks and views, it could mean that your visitors are not quite comfortable with something about your gig. In a case like this, I advice you take a look at similar gigs as yours, of other sellers. Use their gigs (good ones) as a standard to set yours. Just be sure to avoid lifting their content, it won’t help. Be creative.

  • If you are getting impressions, clicks, but no views, You could work on circulating your username or gig on social media platforms and other available outlets. Fiverr’s statics shows that gigs that are shared gets over 3 times more orders than otherwise.

*If you’re not getting any impressions, or you are, but they are just too low, the problem might be that you have to work on your gig’s keywords (you have 5 key word slots, use what you think a buyer looking to get the type of service would ordinarily use to search).

That’s that for gig and impressions test.

Now, for the issue of not getting a buyer request.

*From my observation, new accounts seldom get buyer requests. They come, but not very often. Level 1 sellers, level 2 and top rated sellers get to have lots and lots of buyer request. I guess its a privilege, not too bad though.

I strongly believe you get buyer request up on you account from time to time, but you’re not always just available to see it. This might work for you:

***If you have a particular audience you’d like to get buyer request from, work with an awareness of the existence of the term “Time Zone.” Let’s use USA and Thailand for example.

Thailand is about 11 hours ahead of USA. So, lets say you’re in Thailand, chances are low you’d get a buyer request from the US of A when it’s 10PM in your place. This is because it will be around 11PM in USA and people will be going to sleep. Try to get your timing right, it might help greatly.

Aslo, if you haven’t already, get the Fiverr app on your mobile phone so you can always check your buyer request on the go (form the habit of checking it as many times as you can, a day, everyday), reply messages so you don’t get to reply late. In general, with the mobile app, you’ll get all important notifications and this will keep you afloat on Fiverr.

I hope this helps.

That buyer didn’t actually leave you a negative review, Fiverr did. A buyer does not have to contact you before order even if you ask them to. When a buyer orders and you don’t deliver on time, Fiverr sends the buyer an invitation to cancel. When the buyer cancels, Fiverr puts a negative 1 star late review on your account. It looks really bad to get these kinds of reviews. You really don’t ever want to go away from your inbox for more than a day unless you pause your gigs or set “Out of Office” mode.

Unfortunately, it does take a very, very long time to recover from reviews. Even a 3 or 4 star review (technically still positive) takes a long time and a 1 star is far harder. You will need a very large number of orders with high reviews to come back. Fiverr gives Buyer Request preference to sellers with high reviews and levels, so that’s not very useful once your rating goes down.

I am in the same bad situation but I do get order because few of my gigs rank higher on serach engine and some how I can’t force a buyer to leave a review to correct the past poor review.

I Think you feel free to talking your buyer and continue promote your gig social media or others…Thanks