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First New Voice Over Gig In Over a Year - Does It Make Sense?-

Hi Fiverr’ss

Level 2’r here looking for some feedback on my new gig.
Mainly I want to know if the pricing and what I offer makes sense.

(Gaming Voice Overs)

Thanks for any tips!


Looks great to me. It’s a bit more expensive for the word count than your other gigs though. Is that because you do not work to video on your other gigs? I guess that would make sense since you have to import the video etc.

Viewing it on mobile, the last sentence has a paragraph between it? Not sure if I can’t see all your faqs because I’m on a mobile, but maybe add in your equipment if you haven’t already? Maybe name drop Twitch, Youtube and other sites like that?

I’m thinking of doing VO myself (I’m a singer). So I might not get any work as I do not have experience but I’d like to try. I want to do educational video narration and telephone IVRs (I can’t do special voices so I’d be avoiding other stuff). Where can I find scripts I won’t get into trouble for using? I could probably make my own telephone ones but do you know if it is ok to read and record PLR articles? I know bloggers are allowed to edit them but I don’t know if it’s ok to narrate them.

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Great gig very cool. Great look
Add a video you will have them eating out of your hands

Write scripts yourself!
You can find test scripts for free on , but there so old and corny
Writing your own to fit your personality.
Thanks for the critique.
Take what makes your voice different -or very alike and run with that.
Offer a gig that you can sing and do voice over.

Try Edge Studios . com and the script library, I believe you will have to sign up for free.

I’m sorry, I hate it.

I expected to click and see a video start playing.

That didn’t happen. Instead, i started to try and struggle to read your title/graphic.

I hated it. However, I’m telling you that because I love you. (Not really, I just want to see you succeed.) Show me an animated intro of the same, and I might feel excited. Even better, show me something clean, where when I click play, I hear something edgy.

Just my humble opinion.


:weary: I guess I will take it like a man.

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I LOVE when someone is honest and doesn’t just say, “it sucks” but also gives ideas on how to IMPROVE it!



Now you will just go back and make the Gig look awesome! :slight_smile:



It’s the doom card for sure

Not doom, just a brutally honest assessment of what he thinks of your Gig. Change the Gig a little to fit his advice or a lot - but, I think it is refreshing to see someone give an honest opinion here AND advice on how to improve.



Not sure what to change, edgy is what the gamers want. Like the guy who voices DooM. The title graphic in the video is just to stop it been copied like my Cinematic gig (less edgy).
I’ve voice titled probably 50 or so games that actually went into production. The first scene is from a game that won the best Indie game in Europe 2019. I figured that would be a good opener

All good and you have an amazing voice. but i struggled to hear it with the other sound being same level as your voice level. Maybe you should increase your voice? or lower the other one.

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Unfortunately some major compression was necessary, as Fiverr probably compresses 2:1 or more. Making it hard to hear sibilance and clarity on both cell phone and PC. I probably uploaded 10 times. It does sound off on a smarphone, a trade off I guess. Figured a studio would listen on a sweet set of monitors. Does not sound bad on a conventional set up.

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Thank you so much for your advice steve_maxwell. I learned a tip the other day in relation to recording which might help you? Change your track and mix in mono instead of stereo and then change back to stereo. If your track sounds clear and great in mono it’s usually going to convert to smart phones etc well and sound incredible in stereo of course.

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No worries. That’s exactly what I do with some magic in Izotope and other plugins to give great presence I keep in stereo but add some special sauce. I keep it in stereo only for demos.
Thanks for the tip.

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I’d be willing to remaster that audio for you and try to get your voice to jump out of the speakers. I have a couple of production steps I use when mixing music under a VO that help the VO stand out. Inbox me steve if you want to give it a try. no charge.

Thanks for the offer , I’m actually happy with it .
I have VST’s and studio processing experience.
Just wanted to make sure it made sense to a developer