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First Order • 5 Stars • Great Feedback

Hello, if you haven’t already noticed by my name, I am a fictional writer which means stories such as ghost stories. I just recently got my first order of fifteen dollars which is a big achievement, also got a five star rating for it. If you want to check out the story I wrote for this buyer, check it out below. I know buyers pay for stories so that they have there own story but I didn’t know this was the case until I got the feedback from my first order. Thanks for all the support, it’s appreciated.



Wait, how is it nonfiction if it’s a horror story? Unless it’s a factually accurate horror story?


I can do both nonfictional and fictional stories, the non fictional stories take a lot of research and are factually correct.

Ahh, okay. Maybe “nonfictional horror story” isn’t the best lead-in. Even if you can do factual stories, horror tales like that probably aren’t part of them (unless you’ve had some truly terrifying run-ins.)


Fictional = not true
No fictional = true


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Congratulation Mate!! keep up Good works :heart_eyes:

I see you are a new seller and a teen. Maybe you will get to know the two other teen sellers here on the forum. They are both excellent young men who are special to myself and many others on the Forum. If you hang out here often, you will run into the Irish fellow who gave you your first 5 star review.:wink: