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First order! but no review :(

I receive my first order but the buyer didn’t leave me a review. I asked that they kindly leave me feedback so I can improve my voice and they still didn’t. So discouraged. :frowning:


ohh Sorry to hear…
Be patient… You will get 2nd order soon with good review

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Thank you! i hope so!

Don’t ever do this, you can get in trouble.
That is not okay to do and also against the rules. You might lose your account if you keep doing it.
I understand it’s upsetting to not get a review on your very first order, when you need it the most, but buyers might not want to publicly rate your order for multiple reasons. You just have to move on and hope the next order will get a review.


I know you had good intentions but don’t do this, it’s against TOS. It’s annoying but that’s how it is, there’s no obligations.
It’s rare for a seller to have more than 90% of their gigs rated. The next ten you may receive could all be rated, who knows! :slight_smile:

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@voiceovermelisa its very sorry to hear. But be patient on your work, hopefully you will get new order and also good review

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ohh, sorry dear :cry:

I wish if I have an order :frowning:


I know you’ve had other replies saying what I’m about to say - but please don’t ask buyers to leave feedback. There have been so many forum posts from new sellers, just like you, who’ve received an account warning for doing so.

As a new seller, it is very easy to make mistakes that can result in warnings - three of them and you’re permanently banned from the platform. Fiverr view such requests as ‘account manipulation’ - and as such it’s a Fiverr crime.

Just trying to be helpful. For what it’s worth. I’ve been offering services on Fiverr for nearly 8 years, and about one in three buyers don’t bother to leave feedback. Don’t worry about it, just move on and wait for the next order.


Don’t loose your hope. Wait for your next order.

Wait dear your next order and also good review.

its not fair. buyer should give review. it help for future orders
just wait for the second third and more orders
i hope u will get more orders and more reviews.
wish u best of luck

nice suggestions for a new use
good work

thats really sad :expressionless:

Most of the buyer give feedback. but
I think you should check your order page again.
Because when a buyer give a review to a seller and if the seller didn’t give any return review then the buyer review doesn’t appear on seller dashboard or gig.

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very sad. Hope you great order 2 with good review.

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This happened with one of my friend. I think there is nothing you can do. Just wait for second order.

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Don’t worry about it. If the buyer not leave review in this order, next job you will get review, stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:

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you will get a good review soon, don’t loss hope :slightly_smiling_face:

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Stay positive. You will get a good review in the next order. Also, some times buyers forget to leave feedback and new buyers maybe don’t know how to do that.

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