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First Order Canceled After Substantial Work


I had a buyer request that I create 5-6 silhouette images of celebrities. As per my gig description, I charged $5 fore each. I ended I ended up creating 2 complete images in total. To be quite honest, the price was too low for the amount of work (which is my mistake), but it was my first gig. I was eager to make it work.

When I sent the first image, I received feedback that the image didn’t look enough like the celebrity. I made revisions and sent the image back to the buyer, but received no further feedback. Not wanting to have the order counted as late (the countdown was ticking), I waited a day or so before beginning the next image. I sent this image to the buyer and a few hours later the buyer told me they wanted to cancel the order, and that the images weren’t close enough likenesses to the celebrities for them to sell in their Etsy shop.

I don’t blame the buyer. They didn’t insult me, and I understand that the buyer has needs, but it’s a bit discouraging. I didn’t know what else to do but acquiesce to the buyer’s wishes about canceling the order.

However, it feels like I ended up doing a lot of work for free. I know my opinion doesn’t really matter, but for $5, I thought the images were close enough likenesses (you can find them on one of my new gigs, if you’re curious). Not perfect, but for that amount of money, I’m not sure what the expectation was.


Well you dont HAVE to cancel. Their reasoning is not valid under the terms of service. But if you want to to avoid negative review then thats fine


I know what you mean. I have a bunch of writings gigs and sometimes I’ll be doing something and just be like “this isn’t worth it”.

Sorry you had that experience, that really sucks. I hope you’ll have better luck on Fiverr. I just checked out your gigs and your illustrations are great! I really like the Kurt Cobain one. You seem super talented.


Do you know the name of their Etsy shop? Sounds like they were hiring you on the cheap to create something they were going to sell as their own on Etsy. Kind of like buyers here who order logos, web sites or articles, and then complain that it isn’t up to their standard and then cancel. Then, the seller finds their work IS being used and the person was just out to get a freebie. :frowning: