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First order cancelled after delivering work


I got an order earlier this month. That was my first order in fiverr. However, the scope of the work became huge as the time passed by and he wanted to extend the order tenure only without making any extra payment. He also agreed on the fact that the work volume was increasing and praised my hard work. Finally, when I delivered the work, he started complaining on the issue that the work is not done properly. Earlier, he confirmed the work is okay. But after submitting the work, he wanted lots of other revisions with extended time with no additional payment. He told me to cancel the order after delivering the work. Finally the order was cancelled. It was quite frustrating. I did my work, put my effort and time but with no recognition and payment. A partial payment could be made based on the assessment of my work. Anyway, it was a learning phase I believe.


I’m so sorry. It’s important to be very detailed in your scope about what you will and won’t do, so there’s no room for interpretation and you have a defence should a buyer attempt to cancel. It won’t necessarily prevent this from happening, but it makes it less likely.

Be weary of any seller who praises hard work while increasing scope, as they are trying to manipulate you into complying.


Thank you very much for your suggestion.