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First order completed within 2 hours


I got my first Order today I completed within 2 hours buyer give me 5 starts…


@avishgolakiya, it’s really a good news. Please share your first experience with me. Good Luck!


Wonderful! I’m waiting yet but I hope it will arrive soon. How many time have you wait?


You are very old seller,


That’s great! Good luck for you .


Congratulations … :slightly_smiling_face:
First Order is always an awesome felling !


within 2 hours? that’s dedication!


yes, I just made account in 2016 but I never made any gigs at that time and I open in this months for try freelancing how it’s works…


thank you for your consideration


thank you, hope you will get soon


complete your work within two hours is a good sign but complete your order within two hours its not always working.sometimes you have give more time to your work their may be some good addition that you think after delivery your order… ohhh if i done this it will be best…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


thank you, for sure. Are you old seller?


yah, I got it. Next time I keep in mind. thanks