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First order completion but buyer no review

Hi everyone,
As a new seller, I have completed my first couple of order but any client didn’t give revisions. will it harmful of my gig ranking? :sunny::fearful:


Better luck next time. But good think you got the order, so don’t be sad


Thank you brother for your good comment:heart_eyes:

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no problem after 3 days automatically order marked


I have bought items on Fiverr before. The Buyer is given two chances to write a review. They have to choose not to write a review.

Some buyers do not leave a review because they do not want to ruin your rating if they are unhappy with your services. Also, now that there are reviews on the buyer’s profile some buyers do not want others to know what services they are buying.


They will ask for modifications if they need any revisions. Revisions are not related to a gig rank. Revisions are related to an order. An order is related to a gig rank. Order Cancellation results in a -ve way (decline in gig rank) and Successful Order Completion result in a +ve way (improve in gig rank).

Reviews doesn’t affect a gig rank, they effect potential buyers. If you have a lot of +ve reviews, potential buyers will be more confident in buying your gig. If you have -ve reviews, it will create a doubt in the mind of buyers as whether to buy from you or not. They will check for other sellers too. Most likely a buyer will go through your recent reviews. However, please remember that asking for a positive review is a violation of ToS. The word “positive” is what triggers the buyer and can complain it to the CS as “Review Manipulation”.

Hope it clarifies everything.

Good Luck!!!


exactly :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: