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First order done and finished! Let's celebrate the brave!



I’m super happy at the moment for I have finished my first order ever!
It was for the: I will make a handdrawn animal illustration for you! gig.

It’s awesome that someone dares to request work from someone without any reviews!
So let’s celebrate the brave that dare to venture into the unknown!!!


Happy for you. You are on your way. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :confetti_ball: I hope there will be more orders sometime!!



Go ahead, Enjoy your Professional life and be success…


Thanks! I was so happy that I was dancing trough the house!

I don’t know if I can allready say that I’m a proffesional though…
I still need to learn allot! One of them is marketing myself and business related things.
But I’ll keep trying!