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First Order ever delivered, but money not in yet?

Hi People,

This is for those of you who have been on Fiverr longer than me.

I finally got an order (Hooray - after about 6 weeks) which was a Custom Gig via Buyers Request for my Voiceover Gig:

and I delivered it 3 days ago just after midnight on June 4th.

The Buyer wrote “Moreover, after fixing the voiceover in the video, I’ll let you know of the reviews”. I have heard nothing more from this Buyer, and to be honest I am not sure what her words meant.

So it says ‘work Delivered’ with a Green Tick. And elsewhere in Purple ‘Status delivered’. And with another Green Tick “This order will be marked as completed in 3 days”.

I am getting a little anxious since its now late on June 6th. And it does not say ‘Work Completed’. And there is nothing in Earnings.

Am I right to be worried, or does it take EXACTLY 3 days for the Status to change to ‘Completed’ and for the money to appear in Earnings??

If you know, could you let me know? Thanks!!

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It will complete after 3 days on the exact time when you delivered your order. When your order will complete your earnings will be pending for 14 days, don’t worry, you have done your work.

Thank you so much for responding. I feel a bit better now.
My nightmare was that somehow the Buyer might try and default, to avoid payment, after I had delivered the voiceover. And that would be crushing for my first ever Order!

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I was wondering what her words: 'I’ll let you know of the reviews" meant. Sounded like she would review if she thought the work was good, but frankly I am still confused about whether you can in any way remind a Buyer of a statement like this, in order to remind them to actually leave the review

No, there is no such option to remind your buyer of their statements for the reviews and ratings. But you can use the conversation feature to ask how they liked the result unless it’s not annoying for your client.

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Thank you for your reply!