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First order experience on fiver?

How and when did you receive your first order on fiver ?


So far not yet lol but when I do I will post about it!

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Sure @lazygoblins :slightly_smiling_face:

After around 10-12 days after joining the Fiverr via Buyer Request.

Now there you make me jealous dude. You are quite smart, aren’t you?
There must be some trick you had used. Did you spent sleepless nights? Be honest.

If that was a compliment then It was a really weird one! :sweat_smile:
On a serious note, I didn’t use any trick, nights aren’t sleepless but they’re long, quite long I should say.
I’m still a newbie here and still learning things. Often spend my free time here at the forum and people share some valuable experiences, tips. And the thing I always do is, checking my competitors about what type of services they’re offering, how they’re doing things better than me, making notes, etc. One thing more your communication level should be really good and thankfully you need only to chat here, honestly, I’m not that fluent while talking with someone in English. That’s why I use Grammarly and its pretty awesome.
These are the things you can keep in mind. There’s a lot of competition here on this platform if you want to get some orders, you need to put some extra efforts to get them along with a lot of patience and believe.

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You are a pro dude! All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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