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First order finally

I am so happy to get my first order !
I get 5 stars and the client so satisfied !
I hope I will get more and more jobs !
I am so happy to share that with you!
that’s my first gig which get the order


Congratulations… All the best for you to go ahead…


You do realise that you need to pay $18 for the regular license for each delivery that you make with a VideoHive template don’t you? Such as the Paint Splash Logo Reveal that you are using in your “I will create youtube video intro and company intro” gig?

The fact that you are charging from only $5 for the basic gig with that logo intro means you are either making a big loss on every delivery or you are not paying for the license you need ($18) for each delivery (end product).

Are you planning to increase your gig prices later to cover the cost of the license you need for each delivery (end product) so you won’t be operating at a loss?

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Thank you so much my friend :smiley:

Yes , I know but not all from VideoHive so I try now get more sales in this time so I can pay later and add that cost , it’s still a new account , so that’s why I want now get my clients and than start using all the videos of VideoHive and I am sure that I ll get my $ .
thank you

So if you aren’t currently selling logo any intro created from any video hive template shouldn’t you remove the video hive template logo intros from your gig info video and from your links in your gig description?

Shouldn’t you make sure that any logo intros already sold are licensed properly?

yes of course , As I told you , now no matter if I lost in the first jobs because I am sure later I can earn more and more and make what I lost back !
it’s just time!
thank you so much for advice

No problem. Just make sure you remove the videohive template intros from your links and from your gig info video so buyers do buy it (if you’re not licensing each end product) and ensure everything sold is licensed properly so you don’t get in legal trouble or your Fiverr account in trouble.


Yes of course , I will add more $ , or pay it until I have more clients , no matter if I loose now a bit , and try to get more clients .
Yes I know that .


keep it up

Congratulations for the first order 35253857-stock-vector-title-congratulations

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Thank you so much my friend
Best wishes

Congrats on your first review! All the best wishes :slight_smile:

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Thank you so my my friend !
I wish all the best for you too :wink: