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First order from BUYER REQUESTS

Ohhhh! I finally got my first order from the Buyer Requests after being here on Fiverr for two weeks and sending 28 offers. I have also just delivered my work and I hope it will get completed.

So, Buyer Request is indeed one of the few useful and practical ways to get orders. Unfortunately, I do not see buyer requests every day and when I do, they’re just a few… I don’t know why, maybe it depends on the category of my gigs? Or it is because I am a new seller? I don’t know! I just wish I could receive more requests to be able to send more offers. But as of now, I am happy to have finally received my first order! Hopefully my buyer will be satisfied. :slight_smile:

To all the new sellers out there, or other sellers struggling to receive orders: Be patient. Keep sending offers. You can do it!


I see you are off to a flying start with 6 reviews already.

Good luck with your first order from Buyer Requests.

Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

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wow congratulations keep going

Congratulations…keep up the good work

Congratulations!.. Sister :heart_eyes:

Congratulations. :grinning: