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First Order, Got bad review. Need some help please

It is my first order on Fiverr. I had some bad experiences and misunderstanding with the buyer. He gave me a 2.3 review. What should I do now? Should I delete this account and create a new one? Or how can I progress with this account as bad review in first order? Suggestion, please.


the new account looks good.

You must delete the account from Fiverr Customer Support and obtain permission to open a new account
Then open a new account


I have 8$ in the account of this first order. Can I withdraw them if I delete this account? Note: I hove only Payoneer in my country.

Get rid of your money
Then delete the account

Ok. Thanks for your suggestion.

Buyers don’t but bad review if you did good job :wink:
You probably lied about the service, promiss them to much what u cant do.