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First order - how to ensure that I'll be paid?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a client who wants me to write an article for him, but he still didn’t order or purchase the package he said he wants. Although I stated that for that package, I need research material and topic, he was very vague.

I am new here, so I don’t know how orders function. Should I send my work before he purchases the package? And come up with the topic and research? How can I be sure that he will pay me?

It’s my first potential buyer, and I don’t want this to negatively affect my job success.

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Please read the ToS and the sellers section
You’ll find all the answers for your questions there

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No, you should never start working before the buyer places an order. Some “buyers” prey on new sellers, try to trick them into completing work for free, and will then disappear without placing an order. Perhaps he just simply chose to go with another seller.

Send your buyer a Custom Offer for the required work. If they do not accept, then there is no money, no order, and no work to be done.


Thank you, Stefanyoshovski and Vibronx!
Then I will create a custom offer, hoping that he will accept.


Not unless you want to get scammed.

You are required to understand the ToS before you sign up. So you need to do that. It’s all explained there.