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First Order, Late Delivery

I am so so so annoyed. I got my first sale a few days ago from the buyers request feature and I was ecstatic. I had to make ten images within four days and I worked hard and fast as my goal was to complete it by the third day. My buyer was really happy with all eight that I’ve shown him and as I was about to finish the last two, my laptop and photoshop started acting up. A whole freaking day later and I’m still here trying desperately to export two photos on time!

But it’s too late because it’s minutes past my deadline now and I’m so bummed. I was hoping to get a really good review and maintain a 100% on-time delivery stat. Ugh!


Too bad, but for the next time: you can ask buyers for a time extension using the “resolution center”.

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As @miiila said, You can extend your delivery time.

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Oh, really? Dang it; I should’ve asked and posted this earlier. Anyway, thank you for informing me of this! Much appreciated.

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