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First Order : Make your Own Strategy

Within 7 days You will get the result If you understand how important it is to Master How to Apply for a Job Post.

I’m Ayaan Ahmed Shohan. Love to share my experience with others. Lets Start

As a new be you will not get orders directly. You have to generate 10+ order (At least) to get ranked and direct knock through

So, My suggestion is, Take the buyer request seriously. search on google to take an idea about it. And remember 100 of the new sellers on Fiverr same as you with the same skills, services, and quality so you have to present yourself different than others like:

1. Why should buyers knock you?
**2. Why someone Buy your service? **
3. How you are best?

You have to make a first impression and In the case of buyer request, you have to gather an impression with just 1 line. Yes, just 1 line of text can make a first impression then convert an order. You can get an idea about killer 1 line content from CopyWriter. They are king to get first impressions through 1 line of text.

What I Use :
As an example Someone posts a job like - I need a Landing page within 24 hours. I have my content ready.

Detect his pain point, he writes down that He need the landing page within 24 hours so he has urgency. So In this case, if you want to get the job you have to start with ‘Time’. Like you can write -

‘Name’ - Within 24 hours I Can complete the landing page design with your Content setup, subscription form, Mailchimp Integration, Color Palette. Let’s start a consultation-

I’m 100% sure that, If the buyer read my job description He will knock me Because I start with his pain point ‘Time that was 24 hours’ then I explain what I will do, and then at the last I Make a Call to action that was ‘Let’s get a Consultation’

So Invest some time to Master ‘How to apply a job post’. As a new be it’s so important to learn some communication hacks. No more today.

Wish you all the best.
Thanks hope you will get your first order within 7 days :slight_smile: Good luck


I always find it interesting when fairly new sellers with less than 5 reviews come to the Fiverr Forum to give tips to other sellers. :nerd_face:

The above it true, but there are also 1000s of sellers that are not new and possibly have better skills, services, and quality. Also, are you aware that only ten sellers from each level get to make offers to each buyer request? Because new sellers depend so heavily on BR they requests close to the 0 level sellers very quickly?

I am curious, :thinking:, did you make a “Fiverr Tips” post because you read an article or watched a video about how to increase your visibility on Fiverr?


So basically only having skills is not enough you have to be a good salesman to sell your gig. One has to communicate strategically his/her gig by addressing the pain of the buyers.