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First order ( New Seller )

Hey everyone,

I am still not getting any new orders despite making 3 Gigs. I have read nearly every tip there is, watched heaps of youtube videos, advertised on social media and forums and still nothing!! Here is the link to my gigs if anyone could provided some advice on how to land my first sale.!

Thanks heaps,



Hi there,

there are many reasons why not to get first order or orders in general, especially these days.

  1. There is definitely a room for improvement of feel and look of your logo gigs. The third one (minimal logo) makes best impression to me out of three gigs you created. And even this one could be fine tuned imo. Try to make it “you have to order me”.:slight_smile:

  2. Keep in mind it is hard to step in during upcoming virus and postvirus crisis. Should you be willing to 100% depend on freelancing I would recommend to reconsider full dependency. It may happen that much worse situation will hit us as economics slowdown is unavoidable and will hit us in full strength with delay.

  3. And my last one. It always takes some time…

Good luck and stay safe.


Please see (IMG) point 2


Hey, what do you mean? thx

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Hey, thanks a lot for the advice! After how long do you think it takes to get a first sale, how long should I be estimating?

The below is what I see when I visit your profile.

I can’t make out any of the text in the video, and the details are lost for the logo on the far right.

As for your question in the post above, it can take months for some sellers to get their first sale.