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First order on fiverrr

how many days/weeks it took till your first order on fiverr ?


Its depend on your effect!!!

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the most likely, is 3 or 4 months … or more. depending on the area in which you posting.

Depends on your gig marketing. Between 2 days to 6 months.

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It’s depend on your activity and also luck

Hi, would you like to explain how to do gig marketing, please?

yeah, would you explain that

Share your gigs on social media groups on a daily basis without spamming. If you follow or you are followed by people who might be interested in your gig, you may end up getting yourself some sales.

Also do SEO of your gigs, optimize them, choose the low competitive keyword in your title, description, and have an eye-catchy gig image or video to attract the buyers to click on your gig and know what .you offer. Eventually, they will end up placing an order or messaging you.

The thing I have found most useful is sending Buyers Requests on daily basis, send as many as you can but only for a project you can do and deliver quality service.

as I remember it took 2 months to get the first one