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First Order on GIG

How to get first order? , i am almost 6 month but haven’t received any order…


It’s normal to get first order within 1 month . Sort your gig again.

You offer four services, but have six gigs. Duplicate gigs are against the TOS.

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Hello i am 1month finish but no come any order.please help me and check my gig kindly.thanks.

I checked out your gig and here’s a few things that need some work.

  1. Title. The grammar is incorrect.
  2. General spelling & grammar mistakes.
  3. Description. I recommend this article -
  4. Add an FAQ.
  5. Add some more variation between your packages. They’re all the same except for the number of concepts.
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Will u write a gig for me ?

Hello dont get order how can get order.

Message me through the Fiverr inbox, I have the same name (jake_hopkins)

Hello daily 10 offer sent but not get any order why.please say me problems.