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First Order on my gig

hi there

I am in contact with my first client to place the first order but there is the confusion that its a long and big project and the client says that he will pay me after complete work, I have tried to look up his profile but unfortunately, nothing showing about his profile or any ranking to verify him and vice versa I am also new here so it will be the same for him to trust me.

I asked him if we can go with milestones but he didn’t agree on that

Your suggestions need kindly tell me what can i do in this…


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Hi Hamza,
I am on fiver for about 2 years according to your situation this is my suggestion that you should ask him to pay you a little before starting because as you said this is your first project suddenly you got a big project most of the time it never happens but it’s better to take a small amount to get started.
I hope this will help you

Best Regards,

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Do NOT do ANY work for this “buyer” unless they place an order. They know you are new and are trying to trick you into doing work for FREE. The sad thing is, many new sellers here who are not familiar with how things work, will fall into this trap thinking there will be a big payday or order at the end of the tunnel. What happens is, the “buyer” takes off after getting work from you and you never hear from them again.

Don’t you find it strange that you cannot look up their profile? Perhaps they were reported or deleted their buyer account. If you cannot find any ratings, it is because this person likely goes to new sellers and just gets free work - therefore, no one rates him and he rates no one. He spends NOTHING. He is NOT a “buyer” he is a scammer.

This buyer never intended to pay you for ANYTHING. RUN far, far away from this thief.

The thing is, you do not get paid until after you complete the work on an ORDER anyways - and it takes up to 17 days for the money to clear - so, another lie from this “buyer”.



Thanks both of you for kind response

I am considering both options…

A buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver.

If you bypass this you will have worked for free.

Check this out: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

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