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First Order question


Hi everyone! And Happy new year full of successful projects!!
I ve placed my first order. I ve seen the evilution of the project. and the designer is asking me to rate and comment before I m delivered the order. I find that strange. Is it normal?


Hello there!

You should only rate and review your order once it’s been delivered.

You’ll get a message saying your completed order is ready, you can then download whatever it is you’ve ordered, ask for modifications etc. Only when you’re happy should you leave a review.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy new year friend…!!! After the delivery only it able to review and commenting… So good luck…!!!


You shouldn’t do that, some buyers fall victim of this and the seller wont deliver there work.
So I will advice you to ask the seller to deliver the projects and if you are satisfied, you will rate him.


thanks for your reply.


ask your seller to delver you order accordingly as you discussed if you are happy accept delivery & rate him according to his work & communication




From a basic understanding of this platform, It is not right. Only review after delivery.