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First order! ^u^


Scored my first voiceover gig recently, even got paid extra for script editing and got a five star rating. I’ve started getting more people messaging me back now, a few potential but I’m still trying to smooth out the wrinkles in my climb to Level 1. Hope things start moving a little quicker from here on out.


Well done! Pretty soon you will be level one! :smile:


Thanks! I certainly hope so!


Your very welcome! Good luck!


but but do you want the second,third, etc, order?
well :slight_smile:
change ur profile image!! :wink:

don´t use a trololol image :smiley:


I don’t think it’s specifically a toll image, much as it is amusing. Admittedly, I probably should change it to something more professional.


awesome! a great feeling for sure :slight_smile:


@deivys20071 I agree