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First Order with getting 1 star review

Everybody. Please help me out of this. recently I just Completed my first order in the fiver from ‘buyer request’ option. The buyer first messages to me and wanted to see my work. by the way, I send him some image of what I have created for him. After choosing my file he orders me and asks for delivery with the source file. Getting the files he gives me 1-star review with say ‘‘Provided exactly what I wanted and was very timely’’. I was so astonished to see the review. What Can I do Now? After getting this negative review I can’t able to submit any buyer request. Also find the worst moment ‘’ Is this possible to get another order?" . I want a solution to get out Of this problem. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?.
Thanks for your time.

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Try reaching out to the buyer and ask if there is something you could have done differently. They may have left you a 1 star by accident. It happen to me once last month and the buyer contacted customer service as did i. I asked for a review modification and they accepted it and changed it.


Thanks brother but I tried to contact the buyer but he did’t reply. but his account always shows online.

Bro, Buyer contact with me but he and I don’t know how change the rating he given. What Do we do first?

I can’t remember exactly what i did to be honest. I think i went to the resolution center, clicked on customer support, feedback removal, and waited for my buyer to accept.12%20AM

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