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First Order,


Hello fiverrs,

Finally,i’ve got my first order delivered and completed,

it took me around 2 weeks to get my first order,

Although,none of my gigs are rated yet;i always have 0 stars/rating shown on my main profile page,

did this happen to any of you guys ?

Thanks for your availability and all the useful tips,



Did the buyer leave you feedback? I think you remain at 0 stars until a buyer gives you a rating.

You could try reaching out to the buyer to ask them if they were happy with your services and could leave a review. I’ve never done that, so I can’t vouch for success, but I know some people do. Unfortunately some buyer just don’t leave reviews. I don’t get a review about 25% of the time.


the buyer didn’t leave a review,the 0 stars were there before i got my first order,

Thanks again for the feedback,