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First Order

I’m new on fiverrr, i already made 2 Gigs with video but unfortunately i didn’t get any order until now, kindly suggest me any way/suggestions/hints to get order. Thanks
Regards::: MBMTEC1

Dear Mbmtec1:

How do you prefer to be addressed?

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

I suggest that you upgrade your profile image, give a name by which users may address you, and then begin a process known as “iteration.”

You’ve made 1 video for each of 2 gigs.

Now take a long, hard look at the videos.

How can you improve them?

Could you add better music?
Write a better script?
Rehearse your script until you have it down like Tim Roth and his bathroom story in “Reservoir Dogs”?
How’s the background?

Once you’ve gone through and redone the videos and reposted them, take another hard look. Brainstorm ideas to make the video even better.

Do the same for your gig titles, descriptions, gig extras, gig images, and so on.

Each week you should come up with some improvement to your gig.

Study Fiverr Academy and learn how to use Buyer Requests appropriately. Think carefully about what Buyers are Requesting and brainstorm ideas to improve your gigs and to create new gigs in response to what Buyers want.

Good luck,
Blaise Faint