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First order


i’m very confused. I just received my first order and the python file was completely empty with no code in it. i am trying relentlessly to reach the helper but no answers. it’s only been an hour but i don’t understand why the file was empty.


This happens a lot of time so you need to be patient. You can wait for like 2-3hours more unless there is a response from the buyer. On a safer side you always deliver an empty file just to make sure that order time doesn’t runs out.


Empty delivery is forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Sellers who repeatedly do it can get banned from Fiverr.


so how is the best way to handle such a case?


Try to contact the buyer, and also contact Customer Support to let them know what’s happening. If the buyer remains unresponsive, initiate a mutual cancellation.

That doesn’t seem to be the OP’s problem, though; he seems to be a buyer who received nothing, not a seller.