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First orders, new opportunities and advices


Hello, my name is Patricia. Not so long ago I posted on the forum in “Improve my gig” section, asking for some advice. Now, after a week of silence, I have 5 completed 5-star ratings and 2 in the queue.
My buyers are really wonderful people and I wish for everyone to work with people like them!

Fiverr gave me the opportunity to practice what I would love to do full time, gain more confidence in my work and just keep going! This experience also made me more open for people and conversations because I need to respond fairly quickly on chat, so I polish my English as well :slight_smile:

I also want to give you some advices. I’m definitely not the most experienced Seller out here but I’ve done my homework :slight_smile:

The thing I wish all people do before creating Gigs is listening to the Fiverrcast Podcast. It is amazing to hear about success of other people and how they do what they do. Most of the episodes have awesome tips that you can incorporate into your work to make it better. There are some really practical advices!

I’ve fully listened to all of the podcasts while doing my everyday tasks and some work (I make illustrations part time + I have a full time job) so don’t say that you don’t have time. Everyone have the same amount of time, it’s just the way you organize your life and prioritize things. If you’re serious about it, you’ll make right choices.

So that’s what I wanted to share today. I hope you are having a grat day and I wish you all many maaany awesome Orders :slight_smile:

~patricia / green


Dear Green:

Here’s a link to Fiverrcast on the Forum:

If you log out of the Forum and log back in, your profile image for the Forum will update to your photo as it appears on your Fiverr profile.

Thank you,

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Oh I didn’t know that changes automatically. Thank you very much Blaise! Now I have the avatar that I wanted :slight_smile: