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First orders receibing how

Hi Fiverr Family

Is it good idea or worth to send order from own another acount.

I mean should we send starting orders to our account by our own another account.
Will it rank my gig.



You are only allowed one Fiverr account.

Having 2 accounts is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

You are likely to have both accounts disabled.


I am newbie and was just asking.

Hey I want to delete my thispost. But I am unable to do why?

@malikshahbas133 Don’t try to trick the system, you wont last here by doing that. Instead focus on optimizing your gigs with great images, good copywriting, an amazing and competitive offer, and try to promote your gigs on social media, youtube, blogs to get more impressions in the beginning and hopefully some sales, which will most likely result in some reviews. And like that you do it the right way and grow. Be patient and do it right :+1:


It would be best if you deleted your second account before Fiverr finds out and you get banned. :scream_cat: