First Page In Fiverr. What is The Secret?


I just wondering how sellers are positioned in first page of fiverr site with their keywords. Please, what is the secret of getting to first page with my exact keyword. Is there any trick for doing so, or does fiverr owner determines who stays on top of any keyword?


I’m curious to see what answers you get too. It’s been my experience so far, that there’s not really any rhyme or reason to the ranking system. I think it just gets somewhat randomly mixed up to keep things ‘fresh’.


Still waiting for an answer…


ok, here is goes. This is a educated guess!! from what i have gathered . The gigs that get on the first page are the ones that get the most traffic .The more popular your gig is the better. I have noticed when my gigs get traffic they get boosted to the top of the list. Hope this helps


The staff on Fiverr rotate the gigs on the front page. I did absolutely nothing to get on the front page and I did absolutely nothing to get off the front page.

You can wait your turn to get rotated or you can contact Customer Support to ask nicely if you can get temporarily bumped to the front page. They’re nice people.


Thanks Christiancain for this tip. I believe you are right!