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First Page Position Still, But Stats & Sales Hit the Floor

Hi Fiverr’ss

Yet again I’m scratching my head as to why despite my gigs displaying on the first page the sales and statistics suddenly tanked. The last couple of weeks were quite steady. I can’t blame the algorithm on that.


Same here, haven’t got an order from a new client for 2 months, just from a returning buyer. I’ve placed several offers in the buyers requests… “cricket noise”


Me too. :thinking: My conversion rate was up to 30 point something and orders were coming in steadily. Then the conversion rate dropped and now mostly regulars are contacting me. :roll_eyes:


I’m the opposite. My gigs were dead in early October, though it was partly due to my extra-long delivery times while I worked on a local project that lasted for weeks. When I finished my local work I lowered my Fiverr prices and delivery times but for a couple of weeks, I still had little activity. I wasn’t doing much to promote at that time either, but even my regulars were quiet. Right at the end of Oct and start of Nov I suddenly started getting messages from new buyers. 2 converted to solid orders and a couple more are in the works. Go figure! Fiverr ebb and flow.


Just faced same thing here too but finally got an order. Hope you guys will get too soon. Wish you all the best.


Yeah interesting that your gigs are silent for months and all of a sudden you’re flodded with messages and orders. As if all of a sudden, buyers decide to buy from you.

Happened to me as well, definitely the ,Fiverr staff" is doing something for your gigs to get more exposure but also when the gigs go silent for ages, the same guys pull the strings.

I won’t bother to figure out what’s going on, maybe it’s something automatic, but it’s clearly that your gigs get exposure when they want it.


I think it’s more complicated than that. For me, it is pretty rare that months will go back with silence unless I’m messing something up. It isn’t uncommon for me to hit periods of 2-3 weeks without an order, though. If it goes longer than that I usually need to make adjustments somewhere. Fiverr’s automation is part of the equation but it’s not everything.


Fiverr definitely has levers to pull, but I agree with @fonthaunt that there can be a number of different factors.
For example, I usually get more hits just before holiday season because this is the time businesses want to fix up their sites or get new landing pages. Right now I’m turning clients away because I simply don’t have time.

I’m not saying it’s the seasons, but that’s just one example.

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Yup, depends of what services you provide, I’m in the music part and of course you don’t need that everyday but still… how come when I first started I would have messages and orders flodding my Inbox and now nothing.

For sure the cause mentioned above isn’t the only one, competition is another huge factor but that plays a big role as well.

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It’s going a bit off topic, but since the holidays are coming you could easily spice up your portfolio to get some new customers :slight_smile:

Create a gig specific for holidays (Xmas and what not)
– Target the right keywords
– Create a fresh sample
– Get an appealing cover photo (get it from a professional if needed)
– Order voiceover from someone and offer guitar+VO combo with another seller (as premium package)


I did finally get three orders. These stats maybe don’t mean squat any more

Appreciate the ideas man :slight_smile: I might do that, I have created a birthday gig where I can write birthday songs but a Christmas gig sounds appealing.

To be honest, I always ignored to photo section where I would post just pics of me even though I have seen a lot of people recomending attractive gig pics. Will work on that. Appreciate the input :ok_hand:t2:


I’m sure its pure coincidence, but… It seems like when I have funds saved up in the “Fiverr bank” that I seem to get more exposure and new requests for work. As soon as I make a withdrawal to my paypal account its cricket time…because days will pass before I get a message from a new client. It happens so much that I question if their algorithm includes a money factor like that. lol

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I’m sure but this does not explained not getting orders when I’m in the same page position

Same here, In october-nov only reg are approaching to me!!


I’m getting a large quality of new buyers buying all my extras and not knowing what to do with them. Either it’s a testiment to my excellent quality service or something darker. However I’m waiting for the hammer to drop in the form of chargebacks.

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I have been experiencing the same down time as a transcriber on Fiver for about 3 years. Suddenly, since August, the new orders just stop coming, not even queries. In September a few old customers ordered but nothing happening since October. I am really wondering what is happening. This, of course, has caused my gig to be placed on like, page 10 or so. This has been the first time since I have been on Fiverr since I have seen it like this.

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Good ideas. Thanks so much!

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I think I have found the Holy Grail.
It would appear that gigs starting at $5 are now getting president over a higher priced gig.
So there’s your answer Fiverr wants to be Fiverr again.
I have been experimenting and asking customers. It would seem that if your gig starts off at $5 bucks Fiverr are aiding further search results. No doubt another experiment.


Same here.

My position on the page is the best it’s been in months while the sales are the absolute worst this week (the previous week wasn’t great either but I was at least getting somewhere).

I figured it was the election blues or something since most of my clients are from North America. Looks like it’s not the case.

UPD: Actually, scratch that. After a few weeks at the top of the page with the sales down the toilet I now have been thrown back to the page 2 (which hasn’t happened for years). Let’s see how this goes. :slight_smile:

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