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First payment and related confussion, please help

Hello Everyone,
Its a great news for me that I got my first payment on fiverr. Really want to say thanks to the whole team of fiverr. But there is a confusuion which I need to solve.

  1. On fiver’s own earning board, the income amount is showing, but why I am not seeing the amount on my Payoneer account???
    Please help me to know the reality

You will have to transfer your earnings to payoneer, click on the fiverr revenue card to transfer money. Your earnings will be available for withdrawal after 14 days of order completion.

Please tell me how to do it

You need to withdraw your funds to the Payoneer to show you’re earning on Payoneer. :grinning:

How to do it, please tell me

Is your payment Under pending clearance or Cleared.

it is pending,…

You cannot transfer your earnings until 14 days of the order completion.

okay, thank you … Dear

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You need to wait for 14 days, to your fund cleared, After cleared you can Withdraw it on your Earning Section from your dashboard

Thank you so much Dear @seo_tester

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Its our pleasure @sumandebnat1997

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I actually have some confusion about CSV option, flashing on the top right sode of my earning board, If you would help me to know its function.??? @seo_tester

@hinajehan, I am in dilemma regarding the functioning of CSV option, flashing on my fiverr earning board. Would you like to help me to know its usage?

Export to csv? this function is to help you in keeping your earnings records if you want.

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Okay dear @hinajehan thank you so much

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@sumandebnat1997 this is nothing dear. CSV is a file type like pdf, jpg, txt . And this option is like your Bank Passbook, if you click there and export it it will download a .csv file to your computer where all you earning reports there.

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thank you so much @seo_tester

You welcome. :heart:

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