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First Payment Ever

Heartiest congratulation to you…

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Congratulations keep it up

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Wow congrats and good luck …

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Congratulations @farwahaiderr How many days it took you on Fiverr before getting the first order?

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That’s impressive, keep doing your best to get more payments!


thankyou :slight_smile: @saroar_alam

@emrlanka thankyou :slight_smile:

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@sk_sajib Thankyou :slight_smile:

@nahl9633 thankyou :slight_smile:

@mamunchaudhury Thankyou :slight_smile:

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@imneerajpatel Thankyou :slight_smile:
i dont remember that, exactly… but i guess it took 7-10 days :slight_smile:

oh yes! :slight_smile: definitely :smiley:
and Thanks :slight_smile:

@ahmwritingco hehe thankyou :blush:

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congratulations dear .
Best wishes for you

@mdrifat123 Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey farwa! ive just started maybe you could help me too ! can we discuss this somehow ?

First of all, Welcome to Fiverr.
And yeah sure, you can ask whatever you want to ask .:slight_smile: