First Payment for me!


Well, after a few months of hard work, I received my first ever payment in Fiverr. Nearly 8 months spent in Fiverr Freelancing and already I am rated as a level 1 seller by Fiverr team and also I have been rated 5 stars by all my clients:sunglasses: . Its a good feeling you know. My first payment is 116$ and for me, it is a very good payment! Just thought that I should share this news with all Fiverr friends. This might even be inspirational to any friends who are new to Fiverr. All have to start from zero and climb up the ladder of success. At the beginning, I had no orders or no income or anything. But 8 months later, I am in some position and got paid too. Goodluck to everyone!


Congratulations! That’s definitely a great way of motivating yourself to keep going with it. I hope things continue to grow and you continue to withdraw money from this website. Fingers crossed!


image Getting your first paycheck is awesome!


Congrats. Wishing you good luck


Hey thanks! Wish you the same!


Congratulations!! It’s great to hear from succesful sellers. What do you think are the best tips for those who have just started? Thank you for sharing!


Well, the first thing is you have to be creative. Dont just create a common gig. create a very unique and uncommon gig. Then try to attract customers to you with attractive descriptions about your services. Try always to deliver the work on time. Never get late. Thats how I did friend :grinning: